LootCrate – May 2014

Ah, LootCrate, we meet again. Have you upped your game to meet the ‘three strikes and out’ challenge?

May's Crate

May’s Crate

Legend Of Zelda shirt

The Zelda Shirt

The Zelda Shirt

There’s been a lot of love for this item online, but sadly not from me.
Having never owned a Nintendo console or indeed played any of the associated franchises, this one’s a bit of a dud.
However, I did need a cheesecloth substitute for filtering some ‘ahem’ herbal butter and this shirt did the job nicely:

Ready to strain that herbal butter!

Ready to strain that herbal butter!

It'll wash out yeah?

It’ll wash out yeah?

Nah, that won't wash out...

Nah, that won’t wash out…

I’m sure there’s probably some requirement for me to hand in my gamer credentials at this point, but I’ve always veered towards the more adult titles found on the PC or Xbox; I guess having not played Mario Cart with a group of herbally impaired friends might also damage my stoner credentials as well, but I digress.

Verdict: Recycled!

Minecraft hanger.

Although I’m late to the Minecraft party, this is pretty nifty, and will find a home near my desk.

Minecraft packaging

Minecraft packaging

Minecraft hanger - not bad!

Minecraft hanger – not bad!

Verdict: Pretty good!

Adventure Time.

I hadn’t heard of Adventure time until now, so I’m going to have to treat this on purely face value.

The box is quite nice and I’m sure could be upcycled into some kind of storage for small items, but what of the figure?

After a bit of googling it turns out I’ve got ‘Cake’ who is a ginger and white cat, well that’s a result for me as a huge cat lover, so I guess Cake has avoided a trip to the bin, and will end up on a shelf with other associated feline ephemera in my house.
Verdict: A surprise keeper!

Adventure Time box

Adventure Time box



The rest of the items however were pretty much nonstarters as they required the Wikipedia to find out what the hell they were.

Zelda Keyring

Zelda Keyring

Hmmm. Won't even be breaking the shrink-wrap on this shite.

Hmmm. Won’t even be breaking the shrink-wrap on this shite.

Stickers can go in the recycling?

Stickers can go in the recycling?

Verdict: In the bin!

I did say I’d give Loot Crate three strikes, but seeing as all the hints relating to the next offering points towards Transformers which I loathe, so I’m going to call it a day. The folks at Loot Crate make it easy to resume an account, so I may give it another chance if a tempting theme crops up.

I’m tempted to rail against the Transformers franchise, so take this onboard – the CGI wank-fest, waste of bandwidth had two redeeming features:


Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

And this:

So tragic that this is a redeeming feature...

So tragic that this is a redeeming feature…


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