The Dark Knight Rises [Spoilers for your health]

Am I going to try and make light of the Dark Knight Rises shooting?
Nah, just a quick statement of facts…
According to news reports, among the hospitalised there was a four month old baby.

All I’m going to say that if a gunman hadn’t run amok, I can guarantee the movie would still have been ruined at some point, by the selfish actions of Colorado’s parents of the year.

Who in their right mind brings a fucking baby to a loud action movie? It’s not as if the sound of cinematic gunfire is known to soothe an infant to sleep is it?

The Dark Knight Rises weighs in at almost 3 hours with a fair few action packed set pieces, I’m guessing the doting parents were just hoping their offspring wasn’t going to wake up and scream the place down and disturb everyone in the near vicinity.

Seriously folks, get a bloody babysitter or don’t go to the cinema. It’s as simple as that.

No sitter? Tough shit – wait for the bluray or grab a sleazy torrent.

Oh and if you hadn’t been selfish fucks, guess what? Your baby wouldn’t be in hospital.

Lesson over.

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~ by judascow on July 28, 2012.

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