It must be The Rapture, News of The World up to no good!

Who’d have thought a Murdoch tabloid would have done something underhand and exhibited morally bankrupt tendencies?

 It’s a crazy old world we live in!

 I’m not saying for a minute that this phone hacking scandal is nothing short of an abomination, in light of the recent allegations regarding murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, but the public outcry to boycott the News of The Screws is a predictable and tired response. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest the attention span of your average NOTS reader:

 Ughh. Paedos. Ughh. Think of the children. Ughh. Diana.
Ughh. Boycott. Ughh. X Factor. Ughhhhhh. Cheryl Cole.

 Sure I’m guilty of stereotyping here, but I don’t really give a fuck – the redtops didn’t get to the disgusting position they’re in today by being a reliable sources of information, instead they promote ignorance and fear.

 I’d love to be proven wrong, and I’ve got a portion of Humble Pie in the fridge ready for 4:20am consumption, but my gut feeling is that in six months there won’t be a visible dent in the 2.8million readership. There may be an initial  drop in large corporate advertising clients, but that’s really damage limitation on the advertiser’s part and again in six months or so normal service will have resumed for everyone.

These companies will still need to advertise and 2.8 million fuckwits sadly have a lot of purchasing power.

Finally, the brilliant Steve Coogan on Newsnight, indulging in some amateur rectal surgery:


~ by judascow on July 5, 2011.

One Response to “It must be The Rapture, News of The World up to no good!”

  1. Well fuck me. I didn’t see that one coming!

    I choked down a helping of ‘humble chocolate fiiled croissant’ at approximately 0500 today.

    I’m certainly glad to see the back of NOTW, but it’s a half-arsed victory.
    That utter cunt Rebekah Wade/Brookes is still in a job and a fair few innocent newsroom employees were caught in the crossfire, which is a disgraceful state of affairs.
    I’m a known cynical bastard, but this just reeks of Murdoch damage limitation across the News International brand.
    NOTW losing money? What better way to bury bad news than some poorly disguised mock apology in it’s closure, paving the way for ‘The Sun on Sunday’, so it’ll be shitty business as usual.

    As an atheist I can’t really compare Murdoch to Satan, but he really is one evil example of human filth.

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